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My name is Carson McNaughton and I love my job. I have had many years of experience working with youth at different ages and different stages of life. I am still more than excited to see the impact on students’ lives by inspiring them to greatness. I understand the need to guide students into the rapidly changing world. The future is wide open for this generation of students and it is our responsibility to prepare students for the unknown and unimagined future tasks they will face. In order to successfully prepare students, it is vital to emphasize the development of key competencies by cultivating engaged and critical thinkers and encouraging entrepreneurial spirits. I continually challenge my students to stretch themselves and embolden them to be intrinsically motivated for life.


The experiences I have gained from working with junior high students at Greystone Centennial Middle School continue to equip me to succeed in my future teaching endeavours. Being trained and honing my abilities in a physical education setting has been very effective in developing my classroom management and relationship building skills, which are my biggest attribute. I achieve this by focusing on developing an encouraging and positive atmosphere surrounded by an inclusive culture. Every student is aware of my expectations because I build individual relationships with each student. I have thoroughly enjoyed focussing on teaching math, science and PE. Over the past couple years, I have had a lot of growth in these areas and continue to seek out new and innovative approaches to these topics. One area I pride myself on is the creative and innovative way I incorporate technology in the classroom. I believe in the importance of creating real-life relative tasks that utilize technology and I am constantly researching new applications and software that will be useful in redefining how students complete objectives in the classroom today. The majority of assignments we do in class are centered around or include technology in one form or another.


My leadership skills will be of my greatest assets in your school. I believe in being deeply connected to the culture and atmosphere of the school. One way I achieve this is by being directly involved in extra-curricular activities like coaching sports teams or volunteering with ski and snowboard clubs. I love connecting with students in areas outside of the classroom. It is here where I believe strong relationships are built. Another way I have developed this attribute is by working with youth regularly. I have spent the last 6-7 years volunteering and speaking at my church’s youth group (Celebration Edmonton) where we consistently see between 200 and 300 students attend every Friday night. During this time I have become a leader, innovating creativeness and directing the vision of our teams. Each week I am stretched and challenged to increase my potential in leadership and relational development. I completely believe I have become a more rounded person and in turn a more qualified teacher because of this experience. I have learned to meet students where they are at and inspire them to take control of their future.


I look forward to continually developing as a professional and growing my capacity as an educator.


Thank you for your consideration, Carson McNaughton


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