Philosophy of Teaching

I believe that being an effective educator means understanding the diverse needs of the classroom. Students with different abilities, needs, learning styles, backgrounds and levels of education make the classroom a constantly changing atmosphere. Understanding this is the basis for my philosophy that as a teacher, I need to adapt my techniques to suit each individual student. I believe teachers need to be adept in a wide variety of teaching modes in order to allow students to understand ideas and grasp concepts in the best way for that student no matter what the concept or idea is.

I also believe that as an educator, it is my duty to be a life long learner. In other words, to be an effective teacher means being an effective learner. This means staying current on issues facing the classroom from a philosophical point of view, learning about new technologies coming out that will be affecting students and staying well versed in educational technologies used in the classroom. As educators, we must accept that the classroom is constantly changing and if we do not adapt to the needs as they arise, we will not be able to effectively teach our students. It is not enough to value the teaching of students, but also to value teaching ourselves.

Finally, I believe as educators we must maintain the philosophy of “no student left behind.” We can not allow students to slip through the crack of education and to do so we must stay vigilant and understand the mindset of students. I believe that every child has a desire to learn and a desire to achieve and as educators, we must create the proper channels in which all students can achieve. We need to be able to connect with every student and instill in them a vision of success and the pleasure it brings to succeed.


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