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I believe there is an immeasurable benefit to connecting with other educators online and open sharing of ideas and resources. The digital community has become a massive platform for people to interact and becoming a responsible digital citizen has quickly become an important facet of my life. What being an active digital citizen means is essential for educators today as we connect with students online and have guide them into responsible use of social networking.  Current leaders on this subject are George Couros (@gcouros) and Travis McNaughton (@travdmc) and I highly recommend that you check out their blogs; “The Principal of Change blog“ and “The Learning Principal”

Twitter: A Twitter account means access to an endless stream of information and ideas. It provides a platform for collaboration, professional development, sharing and connecting as well as up to date developments on what educators are currently discussing. Follow me (@carsonmcn) join the conversation, and get connected!

Facebook is a fantastic tool that can be used to connect quickly with other, share information in a group setting, and communicate thoughts and ideas in a comfortable way. Facebook Pages  are a great way for public communication with the parents and the community about school events. Facebook Groups are perfect for private communication within a specific group of people or team.

Google+ is a new exciting way of sharing information, projects and collaborating online.

Slideshare – is an excellent place for sharing presentations.

Pinterist – is a useful resource for discovering creative projects. It can be used to bookmark education resources and ideas as well.

Diigo – is an online bookmarking site where educational resources can be shared.

Instagram – a quick way of sharing experiences.

Wikispaces is a great way to collaborate on a topic that allows multiple people to edit and contribute. One such wiki that I follow closely is:  digicitizenship – This is a resource for grade level teachers to prepare students to use technology appropriately and being mindful of the citizenship skills they already possess. I have found this to be an incredible resource for teaching students about digital citizenship specific to their grade level.

Vimeo is a great way to store videos on the cloud that you have created and makes it easy for sharing with others.

YouTube is awesome for sharing videos you have created or like. It is also great for bookmarking videos that you may want to use in the future with staff and students.

Amazon Kindle is a great way to share with others what you are reading. If you enjoy reading on your Ipad or Iphone, utilizing the Kindle app is great for highlighting, bookmarking, and commenting.

Rizn Blog is a blog that I participate in as a leader and volunteer of the Rizn youth group in Edmonton as part of Celebration Church. Rizn currently has over 400 teenagers attending weekly and is completely run by volunteers. I am privileged to serve on this team and is a way in which I try to make a difference in the community and in teenagers lives.


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