I love the opportunity science class provides to get students involved in hands-on activities and engaged in inquiry-based projects. Here are some samples of the activities/projects I have done with my class.

Science Podcast Assignment – This was a fantastic project to finish up our ecosystems unit. Students listened to some examples of podcasts, then researched an animal, planned, and created their own podcast

3D model Cells and Systems – Students created their own 3D model of a system from the body using whatever material they chose.

Water Filtration Device Project – A project where students explored the growing shortage of drinkable water especially in third world countries and then designed and built their own working water filtration device.

Planet Earth Geological Inquiry – Students explore the world of geology by completing a researched based inquiry project about any geological feature/event.

Survival Handbook – A great activity where students planned for a “worst case scenario” by creating a survival handbook to help someone survive a natural disaster.

Heat and Temperature Thermos Project – Student’s are tasked with using their knowledge of conduction, convection, and radiation to design and build a device that will keep boiling water hot for as long as possible.



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