Digital Media

Programs Used: Windows Movie Maker

Scope of Knowledge: Import audio and video media clips to create a movie which integrates many separate resources




Microsoft Excel

Programs Used: Microsoft Excel

Scope of Knowledge: Use the full extent of  Excel by adding toolbars, formatting and aligning text and numbers, inserting formulas and functions and inserting charts. Also gain an understanding of absolute and relative cell referencing and how to sort data.

Work Sample: Click here to download sample


Programs Used: PowerPoint

Scope of Knowledge: PowerPoint is a great mode of demonstrating information. Through changing design template, inserting images, audio, and video, format text and slide objects, add charts and graphs and create custom slide animation you can convey information in a concise, clear and unique way

Work Sample: Click here to download sample

Web 2.0

Programs Used: Web 2.0, Wikis, RSS feeds, Blogs, and Protopage

Scope of Knowledge: Web 2.0 refers to the concept of using the web to generate information. The use of a variety of web applications within a blog allows sharing with other readers and encourages a collaboration within the blog.

Work Sample: Click here to download a sample

Webpage/Google sites

Programs Used: Google Sites

Scope of Knowledge: Display the proper management and administration of a classroom website by creating an effective and safe online learning environment. – Customize a Google Sites template by editing existing content, creating new content, and adjusting page layouts

Work Sample: Click here to download sample